Executive - Salsa Express

A quick look at Salsa in Bogotá.
From $ 85,000 cop


Ideal for business people who have little time to get to know the culture and be part of the capital's nightlife.


The Executive or Salsa Express tour is the perfect tour to take a quick look at salsa in Bogotá. Start your night learning to dance from the hand of a professional dancer. Discover the most relevant of the history of salsa while practicing your dance steps with locals in one of the best salsa clubs in the city. Eventually you could be surprised with a live show of musicians or dancers from Bogota.

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It includes

  • Dance class (Colombian Salsa)

  • Hydration

  • Visit a club

  • History of Salsa

  • Private transport

  • Medical assistance card


  • Dinner

  • Dance partner

Does not include

  • Additional consumption of food and beverages

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Where do we take you? Click here to know our allies, routes and destinations.

Visitors from different reservations can take the tour privately or be part of the same group of maximum 10 passengers according to their preference.
Rates for reservation and direct payment with The Bogota Salsa Tour.

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