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GO Entertainment through "The Bogota Salsa Tour" is the first receptive tour operator specialized in the diffusion of Salsa in Bogota. Show local and international visitors the cultural richness of the city by immersing them in experiences that address the history, dance, flavors, live music and authentic salsa rumba of a country famous for its joy and the warmth of its people.


On April 4, 2017, The Bogota Salsa Tour received the Tourism Quality Certification from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism in accordance with the NTS-TS003 of 2017 and valid until April 4, 2020.

Tourism Quality Certification NTS-TS003

National Tourism Registry:

About the Founder

Germán David Ortiz, Business Administrator. Salsa dancer since 2010 and founder of the salsa workshop at Sergio Arboleda University with his group “Studio 74”. International bilingual instructor and salsa dancer at The University of Alabama, Rumba Latina Birmingham, Club Rain Hoover AL and My Salsa Studio Dance Texas.
He has worked as a DJ for prestigious bars in the Bogota salsa scene, including: Salomé Pagana, Salsa Camará and Casa de Citas. Current host of the program Más Salsa de Radio Virtual of the Sergio Arboleda University.
Direct collaborator of the district qualifying rounds of the Salsa Capital Foundation, First and Second World Salsa Congress "Bogotá en su Salsa". General coordinator of the "1st Bogota Salsa Championship".