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Meet the best salsa clubs in Bogotá. Find out where we are going.

The Bogota Salsa Tour has alliances in the most important and representative salsa bars and clubs in the capital. Each of the places was chosen after a process of research and curation that takes into account its history, cultural richness, musical collection, trajectory, atmosphere and relevance in Bogota's salsa as criteria.

These places, in addition to welcoming visitors to the Bogotá Salsa Tour, attest to the quality of this tour by identifying themselves with the sticker "Establishment Aliado, The Bogota Salsa Tour" and thus facilitate the dissemination of Bogota Salsa to visitors from other countries. parts of the country and the world.

These allies include:

  • Dating House

  • The Bembé

  • Café Libro Gallery

  • Rumbaland

  • The Pantheon of Salsa

  • Pagan Enjoyment

  • Salzburg

  • Sandunguera

  • Bankruptcy

These allies include: 

  • dating house

  • The Bembe

  • Gallery Coffee Book

  • Rumbaland

  • The Pantheon of Salsa

  • The Pagan Joy

  • Salzburg

  • sandunguera

  • stonebreaker

Our routes: salsa night

Bogotá has more than 30 salsa establishments. The Bogota Salsa Tour selected the most important ones and designed six different routes to experience the different faces of salsa in the city.


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